Has It Gotten Hold Of You?

“So, when do you say that money has gotten hold of you?” It was for discussion during one of our victory group meetings. My husband’s turn to answer, but couldn’t bring the words out of his mouth. He choked.

This was the second time I witnessed him tried to share about his “beginning” but (almost) cry even before he utter his first word. He holds me and I feel him trying so hard to shake off his emotion but fail. I tried to speak for him but he wouldn’t let me. So there I was, watching him as he collects himself for several more moments and tell his story.

Jun’s father passed away in 2004. It was at the beginning of our relationship, our last year in middle school. Tatay Pedro used to work as a construction worker to support for a family of seven, Jun is the youngest. During that time we were already taking up entrance exams for college. The implication of his father’s death was clear – Jun couldn’t go to college. Even going to a university that is fully subsidized by the Government will require a material amount of money just for transportation expenses. It was just not practical, just unimaginable. We were fifteen years old back then and we knew we were together with the intent of marrying each other in future. We had a plan. Finish college, pass our respective licensure exams, buy a house, then car, then get married (this, later on, was rearranged). He needs to go to college. For both of us, it was the very first dream we need to realize.

“No way. Not engineering. It’s a 5-year course and you have to add another year for the licensure exam. Plus, tools and projects for this are expensive. Just take up something that will help you land a decent job.” This was me discouraging Jun when he told me he wants to be an engineer. He didn’t bother.

Each school day, for the course of his 5 years in college, he’d wait for anyone among his family to give him the money he needs to cover at least for his transportation expenses. Every single day. There’s no weekly nor monthly allowance for him. Each night or morning they would have to figure out and ask who is able to provide. Every. Single. Day. And this was just for transpo expenses. The budget for food, projects, tools, tuition fees, clothes, etc. as you can imagine, is a whole lot different story.

As we look back for over 10 years later, we couldn’t do math and identify exactly how it happened. Sure it was the collective help of our families and friends. And it was impossible without God, our ultimate Provider.

Jun became a Registered Mechanical Engineer in 2011.

It was sometime after his father passed away, Jun stood up in our church altar to testify which left everyone in tears. He said he might have lost his father on earth, but he surely is not fatherless for he has our Father in Heaven who will never leave us nor forsake us. Hebrews 13:5 has been his life verse ever since.

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said,

“Never will I leave you;
    never will I forsake you.”

When my husband finally was able to get it together, he said:

“When you let money dictate what you can or cannot do. You know it has gotten hold of you.”

It struck me. God is able. For with HIM, nothing is impossible.



One thought on “Has It Gotten Hold Of You?

  1. This is so inspiring erikka. Way back in college, i remember one instance when Jun walked from Sta. Mesa to Bagong Silang with only about P10 (if im not mistaken) left in his pocket just to get home.

    Isa lang masasabi ko – Jun is a man of perseverance and absolute discipline. His faith works for him because he works for his faith.


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